10 Thoughts That Go Through Your Head at Warrior Dash

We’ve all been there – deep in the pit of Muddy Mayhem, flyin’ down the slide of the Filth Element, wearing your finisher medal with pride or cheers-ing with your crew at the beer tent.

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1. I don’t want – I NEED one of those red fuzzy helmets.

2. OOoooooOOooo! FIRE!!!!

3. This is a lot higher up than expected…

4. But really, how muddy can I possibly get?

5. Really, really freakin’ muddy. How did I get mud there…?

6. *Insert friend’s name* who stayed at home is really missing out!

7. Damn, that 10 year old is kickin’ my ass.

8. Someone get me to the darn shower!

9. Race you to the beer tent!

10. Dang this medal looks good on me!

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