The Bearded Sole: Former Warrior Dash Race Director Takes on Guinness World Record

Coming up in just a few short weeks, one of Red Frog Events and Warrior Dash’s former Race Directors, Adam Kimble, will embark on a cross-country journey. Specifically, Kimble is after the Guinness World Record for fastest run across the United States.

We’re rooting for him (so much so, that two current Red Frog employees will work remotely, during the exhibition, as part of his road crew) and reached out to ask him a few questions about how his previous life with Warrior Dash complements his current ambition.


What was your favorite memory as a Warrior Dash Race Director?
There are honestly too many to count, but WD Connecticut 2012 sticks out in my mind.  At the end of the second day, everything was winding down, and I went and ran the course with my co-workers, Megan Ashley and Matt “Swiss” Robinson.  It was Megan’s first Maverick (Red Frog’s internal term for Lead Race Director) and my first time as a supporting Race Director.  The weekend went perfectly and it was a truly rewarding experience!  Plus, I always love to go for a run!




What advice do you have for a first time Warrior, who may be intimidated by running? How can Warrior Dash motivate you, or anyone, to clear up to lofty world record goals?

My two pieces of advice are to enjoy yourself and set goals.  

I’ve always loved athletics, but only got into running about five years ago.  It’s up to each individual to determine what running means to him or her.  

It can be a way to compete against yourself, a fun thing to do with friends, or an activity that leads you from one obstacle to another on your way to an ice-cold beer.

Once you decide what you want it to be, set a goal – and tell someone.  It’s harder to hold yourself accountable to something if you don’t know what you’re working towards. Set a goal and a backup goal in case things don’t go according to plan.  Then, tell you friends and they will hold you accountable, too!


How many Warrior Dashes have you completed? How do they compare to some of your longer distance races?
I’ve completed somewhere close to 10 Warrior Dashes, with some of those being run with our staff on a Friday before the event.  I love running them because they demand such a unique combination of speed and strength!  Sometimes in a Warrior Dash race I will constantly leapfrog another competitor, because one of us is faster on the ground and the other is better at obstacles. It requires a more well-rounded set of skills.


What about attempting this feat makes you most nervous?

The thing I’m most focused on at this point is getting into a rhythm.  If we are to succeed, it will be in large part a result of our routine.  The Iron Cowboy said it took him about 20 Ironmans before his body adapted to what he was doing in his 50-50-50 endeavor.  For us, I think it will probably take about two weeks to really get in a groove.
How are you preparing (physically) to run the distance?

I put in a lot of miles at the end of 2015, even simulating the course by running for 12+ hours on back-to-back days.  Now, I’m focusing on resting and getting healthy, while doing a lot of cross-training (cycling, weight training and yoga) to build up the support muscles in my body.


What inspired you to take on this challenge?

I’m always pushing myself to test the limits of what my body is capable of, because I feel like I’m called to do that with my life.  Initially, I was traveling with my wife in South America and told her I wanted to run the Pan-American Highway from top to bottom.  Later that month, I met a good friend from the UK who told me about his experience cycling across the US a few years ago.  After that conversation, I just knew I had to run it.

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What are you most looking forward to?

I’m most looking forward to experiencing this with our crew.  It’s going to be an epic challenge with some certainly epic difficulties, but I think it will bring out the best in all of us.  We will be exhausted, tired, hungry, and at times probably frustrated, but together we will lift each other up and make each other better!


As you can tell, Adam is an awesome human and we’re all pumped for him – and, more importantly, believe in him! (That’s what the Warrior Dash spirit is all about, am I right?)