5 Ways Warrior Dash Can Improve Your Fitness Journey

GUEST BLOG POST BY: Amanda Roberts

Amanda Roberts is one of the authors behind Nutrition Inspector. She writes about health, nutrition and fitness articles to help people live a healthier lifestyle.

Photo provided by Warrior Dash

Number 1: Goal Setting

Setting goals plays a huge part in setting yourself up for success – and not just in fitness, but in all areas of your life.

To get the most from your efforts, you need to ensure your goals are effective. Setting ‘SMART’ goals is a fantastic way to begin your fitness journey.

Your SMART goals need to be:

  • Specific: “I will run Warrior Dash in 2 months’ time”
  • Measurable: “I want to finish the race in less than an hour”
  • Achievable: “I can already run 4 kilometers, so this is a realistic race to aim for.”
  • Relevant: “I want to lose a few pounds, improve my 5k time and gain some upper body strength.”
  • Time bound: “The race is in 2 months, so I have to be fit enough by then.”

Aiming to compete in Warrior Dash can provide you with an excellent focus for which to base your SMART goals around.

Warrior Dash is the perfect choice if you’re looking to enter your first ever race. Entering yourself into competitions (whether you’re taking them seriously, or just going along for the fun of it) is one of the best ways to keep your fitness journey on track.

With Warrior Dash being an ideal 5km distance, alongside being stimulating and different, it’s the ideal event to get you onto the racing scene. And that’s before you start to think about the festival fun you can have with your fitness friends afterwards.


Photo provided by Warrior Dash

Number 2: Fun and Friends

Speaking of those friends, Warrior Dash highly encourages entering and competing as a team.

Committing to running the Dash with your friends provides you with an extra boost to your fitness motivation. The more, the better. This is down to the external accountability that comes with your decision to get through this thing together!

When you wake up on a drizzly Tuesday morning, it will be much easier to drag yourself out of bed and into your running shoes when you know your friend will be waiting for you on the corner.

Warrior Nation

Joining “Warrior Nation” is another fantastic social benefit that the Warrior Dash provides. “Warrior Nation” is a diverse crew of athletes and couch potatoes, families and weekend warriors, run-for-a-cause-ers and veteran racers.

There’s something for everyone in this community and there’s absolutely no need to feel nervous about getting involved!


Photo provided by Warrior Dash

Number 3: Variety is the Spice of Life

A big part of the appeal of Warrior Dash is the variety the event provides.

Rather than being your average, arguably dull, 5K jog, Warrior Dash provides you with 12 interesting obstacle challenges distributed over its length. This keeps your enjoyment and happiness levels right up at 10/10, as well as adding some additional elements to your training regime that could be highly beneficial.

You don’t just want to train your running for Warrior Dash. With such a varied set of obstacles to overcome, you’re going to need to incorporate strength training, agility and even some swimming into your routine!

Changing up the fitness activities you do on a daily and weekly basis is a guaranteed way of keeping yourself interested in your exercise routine.


Photo provided by Warrior Dash

Number 4: See your Progression

When you sign up to compete in Warrior Dash you can choose to utilize the training plan that is provided for you. This is a wonderful feature and could be extremely useful – especially for those new to fitness and race training.

Your fitness journey will be accelerated through your following of a detail, purpose-built training plan – and signing up for a race to get this is a much better deal than shelling out a monthly sum for a personal trainer.

Warrior Dash also has a ‘Season Pass’ available for purchase. This is ideal for those individuals who wish to track their improvement on their 5km obstacle race performance over a duration of the season.


Photo provided by Warrior Dash

Number 5: Work Hard, Play Hard

Granted, this might not directly impact your fitness journey progress – but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t just as important.

If you don’t allow yourself treats, the occasional cupcake, a day off training to spend with your friends, you probably won’t find yourself able to stay on track for long.

Holding an ‘all-or-nothing’ mindset when it comes to your health and fitness is unhealthy and ineffective. Moderation is key.

Warrior Dash provides you with the perfect event for letting your hair down after the completion of your 5k. The festival is an all-day post-race party for race participants and spectators. There’s food, music, shopping, kids “training grounds”, contests and games to get yourself involved in.

Individuality, fun and creativity are also all highly encouraged while competing in Warrior Dash. Costumes, tutus, UV paint – anything goes, just have fun!!


What More do you Need?

With all of this in mind, what more could you need to convince you to sign up to your first Warrior Dash race right now? Warrior Dash holds events all over the USA and there’s bound to be one (or two, or three, or four…) that you’re ready to jump on into.
Give it a go and learn what it really means to have fun while improving your health and fitness!