Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number

One of the most common things we as Event Directors hear in response to introducing our jobs or the Warrior Dash event to someone is “I’m too old for that…” To which I would like to say this.

But instead of just telling you that, because we are lucky enough to see it all out there on the course, here are some numbers- and a few other fun tidbits- to back me up. (Numbers are okay in my post – they are not to be used to hold you back!)

  • In the U.S. in 2013, there were 3,675,000 male and 3,397,000 female runners age 45-75+.
    • That is more people than the whole state of Washington!
  • More than half the runners in the New York City Marathon are over age 40, and there have been several marathon competitors in their nineties.
    • Wouldn’t it be nice to be a Master? (In U.S. marathons, runners over the age of 40 are known as this!)
  • “You don’t stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing.” ― Michael Pritchard
    • I can’t imagine a better place to laugh than where people are covered in mud, walking around in fuzzy helmets, carrying a larger-than-life drumstick. Just sayin’.
  • Running into older age can bring more positive outcomes than detriments.
    • Think: better bone density and coordination, along with lower likelihood of heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure.
    • Not to mention, ‘runner’s high’ isn’t just a thing that people talk about—there are real, psychological benefits that can be gained by running. These include reduced stress, improved self-confidence, and reduction in anxiety. Some even say that for a couple hours after you run, you’re more creative!
  • If this article doesn’t inspire you, I’m not sure what will!
  • The below quote from this site sums up the social benefits of running really nicely:
    • “As I said before, I’m an old man well within that age 60 to 90 range. I spend most of my time with other old people whose productive lives are mostly behind them. They think, talk and act pretty much the same. When I’m with other runners mostly they represent the present and future. Nearly all are balancing family, careers, yet giving their health a high priority. All are motivated, high energy, goal oriented people. How refreshing and stimulating it is!”
  • And just for fun, because this is probably true…

Are you an avid runner over age 40? Did you adopt running later in life? What benefits have you found running to bring? Please share with us below!

See you on the Battleground,


Warrior Dash Event Director