Catch o’ the Day

Today’s obstacle feature: Fisherman’s Catch


No, we’re not serving up fresh seafood at this obstacle. (Although that’s an interesting idea…) The goal of this obstacle? Don’t get caught in the net.

As water spews in your face and drips down the monkey bar rings across the top of the obstacle, you’re challenged to hang on tight, watch your step, and don’t get hooked.


See what we did there?


Those of you with impressive upper-body strength (see below) will fly across this obstacle with ease.


Is he in the new Superman movie?


Personally, being vertically challenged, I’d trust my core balance on this one and venture across the netting – sans monkey bars.


Seems a little late to be worried about wet hair…


Finally, the remainder of you will just WING IT!


“I immediately regret this decision.”