Warrior Dash Shop

Epic Activewear

The first step to becoming a warrior is dressing like one. Stock up on active tops, shorts, running pants, and maybe even swimwear.


the right Shoes

Those sneakers you’ve had for 10 years may not be up to this task – you’re going to need a shoe that can perform in all sorts of conditions (aka mud). Grab new athletic shoes to compete in, plus a casual pair to slip on post-race.


Active Accessories

What is a warrior without their accessories? Trust us, a pair of great sunglasses will save you from squinting, and at the end of the day that extra clean pair of socks will feel – how do we say this - luxurious.


Great Gear

The only thing that can make a day full of mud and sun better is WATER. Gear up for the long journey ahead with essentials like top-brand water bottles and hydration packs.


Kids, Kids, Kids

Spoiler alert: Whether they race or not, your kids are about to get muddy. REALLY muddy. We can’t predict how many outfit changes they’ll need, but we do know you can get them clothes, shoes, socks, and accessories at Sierra.