The Joy of Witnessing a Couch-to-5k

As Race Directors, we’re pretty lucky to meet such a wide variety of people at every Warrior Dash we attend. Different regions of the country teach us about different cultures, social norms, and the unique personality every state, county, and town has to offer.

As the obstacle racing industry has taken shape, more companies have come up with ways to make these muddy runs more intense, more daunting, and more intimidating. Kudos to them – the industry has really taken off and it’s awesome to watch elite athletes tear through the Battleground at record speed. Trust me, we witness these uber athletes cross the finish line at every race and especially at the Warrior Dash World Championship. However, what I have always appreciated about Warrior Dash is its “gateway to fitness” mentality. We’re a 5k-obstacle run that will mentally challenge you, make you work harder than you may have anticipated, and you’ll probably have to face a few of your fears while doing it. (Especially if you fear removing mud from your clothes – I know I do.)

One of my favorite moments at a recent race, Warrior Dash Florida, was in the middle of the day, as I happened to walk past Goliath. The entire crowd around me had started cheering and focusing their attention on the 30-foot A-frame wall – the first of several physical challenges Goliath presents. A woman was slowly but surely making her summit to the top. It was not easy for her. In fact, I was worried she would not make it all the way up, but the look of determination on her face was convincing. With the crowd roaring on, she made it to the top, turned to face the crowd, and threw her hands up in the air in triumph, sporting a huge smile on her face. I was so proud of this woman I didn’t even know and so proud of the event my colleagues and I work to improve every single day.

Warrior Dash may seem like just another crazy, exciting mud run, and it is, but when you witness moments like the one mentioned above, you realize the positive impact a social event can have on our participants’ wellbeing. To them, it’s more than something different to do over the weekend. It’s a symbol of them taking the reins on their health, their confidence, and their future.

Have you witnessed anyone at Warrior Dash conquer their first obstacle run? Did you experience that feeling firsthand? Share your story below in the comments or in our Share Your Story form.


See you on the Battleground,


Warrior Dash Event Director