Top 10 Things You Should Know About Dogfish Head

Conquer the course during the 2018 season and you’ve earned yourself an ice-cold Dogfish Head beer! (Warriors ages 21+). We’ve had a blast celebrating with #WarriorNation in the festival at the Dogfish beer garden and can’t wait to finish the 2018 season making more awesome memories together. Here are the top 10 things you should know about our friends over at Dogfish Head…

1. Founded in 1995 by Sam and Mariah Calagione, Dogfish Head started as the smallest brewery in America.

2. Dogfish Head is named after Dogfish Head, Maine.

3. Dogfish Head is known for brewing with crazy ingredients – everything from MACE (like the pepper spray) to scrapple, and even saliva!

4. Dogfish Head invented continual hopping – the idea of adding hops throughout the entire brew, rather than just at the beginning or the end.

5. As beer geeks with a music problem, Dogfish Head has collaborated (and brewed beer) with the likes of the Flaming Lips, the Grateful Dead, Guided by Voices, Julianna Barwick, Miles Davis, Robert Johnson, Pearl Jam and Deltron 3030!

6. SeaQuench Ale is the fastest growing sour beer and has been said to be “…the world’s most thirst-slaying beer” by the folks at Men’s Health!

7. Dogfish Head is hosting the Dogfish Head I.P.A. in October – their inaugural gran fondo style bike ride taking place throughout southern Delaware

8. Dogfish Head packages over 30 different beers every year that are released throughout 42 states.

(PS. All of these beers are available at Warrior Dash!!)

9. Dogfish Head founder & CEO Sam Calagione is a James Beard Award winner.

10. There’s a 44 ft. tall ‘Steampunk Treehouse’ in the front of Dogfish Head’s Milton campus … and they even have meetings up there!