Uh-oh…Warrior Dash is one week away and I haven’t trained!

Have no fear; we’ll help you get there. The beauty of Warrior Dash is that once you cross the Start Line, no matter what type of shape you’re in, you will make it through the course and earn your Warrior medal at the Finish Line. However, if you’re anything like me, you don’t want to “just get through it.” Goals are important and my competitive side wouldn’t let me settle, either. That’s why we’ve come up with our Oh Sh** Training Plan, for those of you that lead busy lives and can’t wait to let loose on the Battleground, but may have neglected to prepare for what’s in store for this weekend.

Obstacle training isn’t about aerobic endurance, necessarily. It’s more important to develop your muscular endurance to get through the obstacles themselves. You’ll be staying low to the ground, crawling underneath 100 feet of real barbed wire. You’ll be scaling upwards of 30 feet. You’ll be balancing across slack lines, resisting the water beneath you. Most of the obstacles require upper-body strength and mental grit. Below are a few exercises to help you get through it.

*I’m not a certified trainer. I just know how to get through the obstacles myself, and what muscles I’m using. Always consult a doctor before taking part in any type of physical activity you may not be used to.

Pullups: “Pullups are to your upper body, as squats are to your legs.”

Pullups will work your back and biceps better than any other body-resistance exercise. Remember, just like any exercise, form is more important than repetition. Keep proper form for as long as you can. Trust me, you’ll feel it if you’re doing the exercise correctly. For beginners, consider investing in Assisted Pull Up Bands.


Pushups: Look slightly ahead and down to protect your neck. Your back should be straight as a board, with your hips lower than your shoulders. Keep your elbows closer to your torso. Lower your chest to the floor and push yourself back up. Remember, there’s no shame in using your knees if full leg extension affects your form.



Lunges: Any hip-opening exercise is great preparation for Warrior Dash. You’ll need full range of motion while crawling, climbing, and balancing. Hold each lunge so that you feel the pull in your hip flexor. Once you’re warm, perform explosive lunge switch-jumps.


Burpees: If there is any exercise I dread, it’s jumping burpees. Despite my grudge, I have to admit they are an excellent full-body exercise, and you can perform the exercise anywhere.



Create your own goals for the week, using the exercises above. Remember to include stretching before and after each exercise. A light jog or 30min on the elliptical each day won’t hurt, either. You will be ready to conquer the Battleground before you know it.


I really meant what I said about burpees,


Warrior Dash Event Director