Want Warrior Dash to visit your city? Here’s how.

In seven seasons, Warrior Dash has traveled all over the world, reaching over two million participants, bringing mud, sweat, and beer to each city, and often returning to cities with the most loyal Warriors. Have we visited your city yet? Let’s see if it has what it takes to become part of Warrior Nation.

  1. Wide Open Spaces

It’s no secret that an event like Warrior Dash requires a lot of land. We look for roughly 180 acres altogether, with at least 20-30 acres of parking space. Ideally, we want our Warriors and spectators to park on site without a shuttle service, whenever possible.

The festival, about 1-2 acres, should be relatively flat and accessible to semi-trucks. We’ve gotten pretty creative in the past, unloading 52-foot trailers on a mountaintop, but we’re talking idealism here.

  1. Backwoods

This is the fun part. We want to make sure our Warriors are challenged by natural terrain, in addition to the obstacles we bring to you. Bonus points if the last 4-5 obstacles fit within the festival footprint. Double bonus points if there is a lake to run through, two-track trails, and a lot of room for creativity when laying out our course year-to-year.

  1. Parking Lot Party

Parking lot heaven would be a 30-acre, paved lot. If you paid attention to numbers one and two, you’ll understand that a large, paved lot is hard to come by when seeking out ~150 acres of rolling hills, wooded lakes, and mud-caked backroads. But, if you’ve got what it takes so far, flaunt it! (Seriously, call us.)

  1. Shiny Happy People

We are suckers for a great venue owner. The venue owner is considered as much of a member of the Warrior Dash on-site team as those of us working for Red Frog Events. Some of our best memories while working Warrior Dash involve our Warrior Dash venue owners – introducing us to their family, their pets, cooking out with us, understanding the scale of the event, helping us when needed, and trusting that we will put on the world-class event we’ve promised. (Shout out to all of our wonderful venue owners! It truly is a pleasure working with you all.)

  1. HELP

City, County, and State Officials: Establishing a positive relationship with local government officials is imperative in order for any event to be successful. Obtaining permits, agreeing on a traffic plan, and working with local medical and security entities are just a few of the parties involved when planning a Warrior Dash. We like working with people who are willing and excited to help.

CVBs: Warrior Dash brings millions of dollars in tourism revenue to cities every year. Are you a CVB interested in Warrior Dash? Let’s talk.

Volunteers: We look for large non-profit groups to help staff our tents at each event. We typically secure ~240 volunteers for each day of the race, donating thousands of dollars back to local organizations as a thank you.

Vendors: We need equipment and infrastructure in order to set up the event. We need to book forklifts, tents, porto-johns, fencing, dirt (how did you think it got so muddy?), dumpsters, etc.

  1. Bring ‘em Out

Last, but certainly not least, we need YOU! Most Warrior Dash events see 10,000 people in one day. Sometimes, that number is doubled. So, if we end up in your city, you should bring all of your friends.


See you on the Battleground,


Warrior Dash Race Director