Warrior Dash Gives Highest Value

Happy New Year, Warrior Nation!

We know some of you are already tired of all of the #NewYearNewMe posts and others of you are kicking ass and sticking to your #GETFIT resolution and cannot WAIT for spring to arrive so you can get out of the gym and into the great outdoors. (For us, it’s the latter…but instead of letting the warm weather come to us, we’re getting after it in Florida for our first Warrior Dash of the 2016 season.)

However you’re feeling, our friends over at Runner’s World published a great piece a couple of weeks ago titled 12 Ways to Save Money on Your Running This Year. We liked the post, because we work hard all year to provide high value for all of our participants. In fact, thanks to 2015 polls, we know that 86% of our Warriors believe our event is a “Good Value” for the cost to register. And we’re going to keep working to make that number climb.

In 2015, we reached a 90% satisfaction rate from participants. Across markets, they described Warrior Dash as having a great obstacle variety and difficulty, terrain difficulty, excellent venues, and overall event organization. Excuse us for tooting our own horn, but if you can’t brag about yourself once in awhile, who will?

The average Warrior Dash cost per ticket ranges from $40 – $55. Compare this cost to the cost of our competitors, which is closer to $150 per registrant. Our season pass costs less than that at only $125 and gives you unlimited access to Warrior Dash locations. Plus, spectators and family members get in for free at Warrior Dash, whereas many of our competitors will charge up to $20.

So, you might be thinking, “I could run Warrior Dash three times and still pay less than I would for other races?” Well, we thought of that too, and thought you might want to bring a few friends and deserve a kickback for recruiting your mates. That’s why we started #WARRIORCREW last year: Group Discounts start at 15 people, with upwards of 30% off your registration.

You might still be wondering, “What do I get besides kicking my own ass in the mud?” You’ll receive a t-shirt, personalized race bib (if registered in advance), a finisher’s medal, one beer (21+), a free week with Anytime Fitness, access to local, sponsored freebees and contests (varies by location) in the festival, and free photos through Gameface Media (which the Runner’s World article did mention.)WARRIOR DASH SOCAL_23

We’re a fan of the entire Obstacle Course Racing community, but deep down, we know that Warrior Dash is the best place for anyone to start if they’ve never experienced OCR or a mud run before. Almost 70% of our participants had never done a mud run before and, new in 2016, we’ve lowered the age to 12-years-old (as long as their parent/guardian signs a waiver.) So, if you want our (extremely biased) opinion, we think you should choose Warrior Dash if you’re looking to save money on your running this year.

Helmets Up.