Hi. Hey. Hello.

Welcome to The DASHBoard!

To kick off the world’s largest obstacle race series’ seventh year, we are very proud to introduce the first-ever Warrior Dash blog. We hope to keep you informed, entertained, inspired, and in shape through our bi-weekly posts (that is, when we’re not on the Battleground without Wi-Fi). We’ve got a lot of exciting things to share, but we want this to be a conversation, so please comment and reach out to us (click here) if you have any feedback, ideas, or topics you’d like to see. Here’s a sneak peak of what’s to come:

  • Who you’ll meet on the Battleground and what to bring with you
  • What our obstacle design team uses for inspiration
  • What international Warrior Dash looks like
  • And more muddy trials & tribulations.

Drumroll please. Meet your Warrior Dash Operations Team and your primary blog contributors:


As much as you love us, don’t worry- we’ll have frequent guest contributors to keep things interesting!

We hope to see a lot more of you. Until next time…


Warrior Dash Race Director