Gear Up: Your One-Stop Warrior Shop

Between carb-loading and movie-montage training, you barely have any time to shop for Warrior Dash. That’s where we come in. We’re Sierra.  READ MORE  

Top 10 Things You Should Know About Dogfish Head

Conquer the course during the 2018 season and you’ve earned yourself an ice-cold Dogfish Head beer! (Warriors ages 21+). We’ve had a blast celebrating with #WarriorNation in the festival at the Dogfish beer garden and can’t wait to finish the 2018 season making more awesome memories together. Here are the top 10 things you should  READ MORE  

5 Ways Warrior Dash Can Improve Your Fitness Journey

GUEST BLOG POST BY: Amanda Roberts Amanda Roberts is one of the authors behind Nutrition Inspector. She writes about health, nutrition and fitness articles to help people live a healthier lifestyle. Photo provided by Warrior Dash Number 1: Goal Setting Setting goals plays a huge part in setting yourself up for success – and not  READ MORE  

How This Charlottean Worked For Her Beer At Her First Warrior Dash

GUEST BLOG POST BY: DANIELLE DOOLEN Danielle Doolen from Charlotte, NC is the Content Marketing Manager at Work For Your Beer. Work For Your Beer is the ultimate guide to beer fitness. Their mission is to provide an up-to-date directory of all beer fitness events across the U.S. and to rapidly grow the beer fitness community.  READ MORE  

10 Thoughts That Go Through Your Head at Warrior Dash

We’ve all been there – deep in the pit of Muddy Mayhem, flyin’ down the slide of the Filth Element, wearing your finisher medal with pride or cheers-ing with your crew at the beer tent. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Join Warrior Nation in 2018. 1. I don’t want – I NEED one of those red fuzzy helmets.  READ MORE  

Warrior Spotlight: Blind Pete Conquers 100th OCR at Warrior Dash Georgia 2018

From left to right: Peter, Joey (Pete’s Trainer), Michelle, Desiree, and her service pup Roxie Hey Warrior Nation, last week we chatted with Peter Cossaboon, also know as Blind Pete. Pete is visually impaired and has become completely blind over time. That being said, he has conquered the obstacles life has thrown at him in  READ MORE  

Maintaining a Healthy, Active Lifestyle with Dogfish Head Founder, Sam Calagione

So, I have been a professional brewer for 23 years. And by default that makes me a professional drinker. Over this 23 years I have averaged numerous beers consumed every single day. I try to do something active every day – paddleboard, bike and yoga mostly. And sometimes run. So I kept weight off for  READ MORE  

Warrior Dash 2018 Elements Tour

Hey there Warrior Nation, Thanks again for an incredible 2017! Hundreds of thousands of you participated in 25 Warrior Dash races around the country and we’re still tallying how many beers were downed, selfies were taken and memories made. We’re super stoked to announce that we’ve got something great in the works for the 2018 season.  READ MORE  

Conquering Life and the Battleground

Guest Blog Post by: Brian Boyle   Brian recently participated in Warrior Dash Maryland and we are proud to have him as a part of #WarriorNation. Learn more about his battle back from a nearly fatal car crash and what he had to say about his experience at Warrior Dash:    As I lined up at  READ MORE  

Warrior or Not, Healthy Eating Starts In Your Head

GUEST BLOG POST BY: Jay Cardiello Jay Cardiello is an industry-leading Health & Fitness Expert, respected in both the fitness and medical communities.  Jay uses his extensive knowledge of nutritional science, exercise medicine and empathetic, motivational listening to accomplish a single goal – To improve the “quality-time ” of your life – in a way that  READ MORE