New In 2019 - Epic Challenge

Are you feeling Epic?

Do you have what it takes to become Epic? Join the community that scales obstacles, leaps over the fire, and conquers the post-race festival multiple times throughout the same calendar year.

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The Details

The Epic challenge recognizes and rewards Warriors who sign up for at least two Warrior Dash races within one calendar year (starts over every January). Whether you run the new 10K or 1-mile distances or stick to the classic 5K - each counts, as long as long as you sign-up for two separate registrations.

The Perks

Once you sign up for at least two races within a calendar year, you’re automatically Epic, and you will receive Warrior-worthy rewards including an exclusive Warrior Dash Epic Medal that’s pretty badass - and makes for great bragging rights. Beyond the medal, you’ll have opportunities to be featured on the Warrior Dash website, social media channels, and blog.


How do I get my medal?

Warriors who qualify for the Epic Medal (while attending their second paid race within the same calendar year) will visit the Solutions Tent on-site to receive their medal.

Do I qualify if I've run multiple Warrior Dash events in different years?

No - you must sign up for two different Warrior Dash registrations in the same calendar year to qualify as Epic and provide proof of purchase to both.

Do I still get a 10th Anniversary finisher medal?

Yes! All Warriors receive a finisher medal - you’ll also receive the exclusive Epic Medal at your second paid event of the calendar year. If you registered for two races at the same location, you can pick up your medal at the Solutions Tent after your second race.

Can I qualify by running different race distances at the same location?

Yes - as long as you can show proof of purchase for two different Warrior Dash registrations within the same calendar year, you qualify.

Can I qualify by running the same race distance twice at one location?

No - In order to qualify and receive an Epic Medal, you must register and pay for two different locations or two different distances at the same location.

Do all race distances count towards qualifying for the Epic Medal?

Yes, with the exception of running the same distance twice at the same location, which does not count.

Can you ship my medal to me?

No, unfortunately, medals must be picked up on-site at Warrior Dash and verified with a picture ID.

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