Warrior Dash is the 5k obstacle course race and festival enjoyed by over three million Warriors worldwide. Since 2009, this is the get-dirty race anyone can start and everyone can finish. And once you’re done, get ready to party at a festival with a live DJ, great beer, activities and sponsors and the best people watching ever.

It’s BYOB—Bring Your Own Beard. Or giant turtle costume. Or matching tutus. You bring the weird, and we love you for it. Warrior Nation is the diverse crew of athletes and couch potatoes, families and weekend warriors, run-for-a-cause-ers and veteran racers all united by the Warrior Creed and the love of a good time.  

The 10th Anniversary Tour

We’re going big, because we sure as hell aren’t going home!

2019 is our 10th Anniversary season, so we’ve got some new perks to celebrate:

  • Bigger, better, and re-invented obstacles and original contests to test your Warrior strength off the course
  • Instagrammable backdrops to strike your best Warrior pose and show everyone you dominated a world-class obstacle course
  • Plenty of tasty food and beer to feed your Warrior hunger post-race
  • As much mud as you like, because it’s your race!

Learn more about some of the obstacles your team can face when you sign up!