Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number

One of the most common things we as Event Directors hear in response to introducing our jobs or the Warrior Dash event to someone is “I’m too old for that…” To which I would like to say this. But instead of just telling you that, because we are lucky enough to see it all out  READ MORE  


Someone sent me this the other day and it got me thinking: I believe there should be a third option. And that is: Face Everything and Run 🙂 If you have a fear of snakes, public speaking, heights, the dentist, or even the number ‘13’— you are in good company with most Americans. Tens of  READ MORE  

7 reasons you should sign up for a warrior dash group package

Discount: The more Warriors you round up, the better discount you will receive. Signing up for a Premium or Ultimate Package will give you even more bang for your buck; think meal vouchers and extra “free beer” tickets. Teambuilding: Round up your old high school buddies, college girlfriends, cousins, co-workers, or anyone else that you  READ MORE  

Benefits of working out: outdoors

Word on the street: Americans, approximately 24% of you, wish they exercised in the great outdoors more often. That percentage is in addition to the already 19% that crave the outdoors so much that they make an outdoor workout happen no matter what. (Thanks, Google Consumer Surveys, for curating those statistics!) So, my question is,  READ MORE  

Meet Our Obstacle Creation Team

Ever wonder who is behind the courses you know and love? Well folks, wait no longer… Don’t let the flora fool you. They are a lot tougher than they look. Warrior Dash sat down for an interview with Terry McMahon (left) and Bryan Sechrist (right) to give you an inside look at some of the  READ MORE  

Training Day

For those of you who read last week’s post, you may remember it contained quick tips for those with an upcoming Dash whose training plans, how shall we say this… fell by the wayside. Surely that isn’t you, right? Right! So check out the below, a week-long training plan that can be implemented now to  READ MORE  

Uh-oh…Warrior Dash is one week away and I haven’t trained!

Have no fear; we’ll help you get there. The beauty of Warrior Dash is that once you cross the Start Line, no matter what type of shape you’re in, you will make it through the course and earn your Warrior medal at the Finish Line. However, if you’re anything like me, you don’t want to  READ MORE  

What to expect when you’re Warrior Dashing

At Warrior Dash, we spend a lot of time setting up our festival so that you not only can navigate with ease, but also have optimal space and time to party after conquering the Battleground. First things first: As you walk into the festival, you’ll hit Packet Pick-Up. Have your signed waiver* and ID** ready,  READ MORE  

The Joy of Witnessing a Couch-to-5k

As Race Directors, we’re pretty lucky to meet such a wide variety of people at every Warrior Dash we attend. Different regions of the country teach us about different cultures, social norms, and the unique personality every state, county, and town has to offer. As the obstacle racing industry has taken shape, more companies have  READ MORE  

Teach Me How to Dash(ie)

If it’s your first time conquering the Battleground, or even if you’ve done a Dash before, anyone can learn a thing or two about what to expect on race day- aside from mud. Lots and lots of mud. You will… likely lose something valuable in the mud pit. Leave the wedding rings, Go-Pros, glasses, and  READ MORE