Uh-oh…Warrior Dash is one week away and I haven’t trained!

Have no fear; we’ll help you get there. The beauty of Warrior Dash is that once you cross the Start Line, no matter what type of shape you’re in, you will make it through the course and earn your Warrior medal at the Finish Line. However, if you’re anything like me, you don’t want to  READ MORE  

What to expect when you’re Warrior Dashing

At Warrior Dash, we spend a lot of time setting up our festival so that you not only can navigate with ease, but also have optimal space and time to party after conquering the Battleground. First things first: As you walk into the festival, you’ll hit Packet Pick-Up. Have your signed waiver* and ID** ready,  READ MORE  

The Joy of Witnessing a Couch-to-5k

As Race Directors, we’re pretty lucky to meet such a wide variety of people at every Warrior Dash we attend. Different regions of the country teach us about different cultures, social norms, and the unique personality every state, county, and town has to offer. As the obstacle racing industry has taken shape, more companies have  READ MORE  

Teach Me How to Dash(ie)

If it’s your first time conquering the Battleground, or even if you’ve done a Dash before, anyone can learn a thing or two about what to expect on race day- aside from mud. Lots and lots of mud. You will… likely lose something valuable in the mud pit. Leave the wedding rings, Go-Pros, glasses, and  READ MORE  

Welcome April

Hey gang! Hope you’ve enjoyed our first few posts. By now we’re guessing you’ve already eaten an Oreo filled with toothpaste, called up your tech team because your mouse isn’t “working,” and freaked out at the bug on a lamp trick, one of the oldest in the books. We thought we’d help you out today  READ MORE  

Celebrating Seven Seasons

Warrior Dash is raising the bar in our seventh season. We’re excited to share a ton of updates with you this year, starting with the introduction of this blog! Not only do we have brand new obstacles for the Battleground, but we have upped the ante on some of our most popular obstacles of years’  READ MORE  

Hi. Hey. Hello.

Welcome to The DASHBoard! To kick off the world’s largest obstacle race series’ seventh year, we are very proud to introduce the first-ever Warrior Dash blog. We hope to keep you informed, entertained, inspired, and in shape through our bi-weekly posts (that is, when we’re not on the Battleground without Wi-Fi). We’ve got a lot  READ MORE